Wankercam is a site dedicated to bringing you fit lads with big and stiff willys rubbing one out.  Imagine stiff, big, and thick cocks delivered to you in weekly in streaming half hour shows, plus one bonus show per month.
Watch the full length demo show (below), and check it out. You will quickly decide to join us to get another new show each week. Want some iPhone porn? This is for you too!

  1. Bullet INTRODUCING WankerCam

A 3.99/month subscription to WankerCam gets you an exclusive new show each week. In each show there will be more than 5 fit lads caught on camera having a wank. The lads will be fit and have big, thick stiffy's. Look through the gallery of images (below) for a sample of what's coming up.

Each weekly program runs about 40 minutes, plus one bonus show per month. That’s  over 3 hours of fit lads per month! for $3.99! or Yearly for $34.50.
Plus, you get access to the entire back catalog of over 20 hours of entirely original episodes - and growing!

We choose the best quality shots. We steer away from dark, grainy and stuck camera feeds, so what you see is a best case image given the circumstances. Watch the demo show (above) to see what we mean. Can’t see it? Try Here.

Once you have seen the demo show (above), sample the lads coming up in new episode (below), you like what you see, sign up for the weekly episode of WankerCam.



GETTING TO THE POINT SOONER - Each show has as many as five fit & hung dudes - and no less than three. Each caught in their own environment, doing their own thing. We know you like watching these guys, but they can take forever just chatting and edging, so we show you just the best bits - and get to the point faster. They control the show, so we don't always see the sploogy bit at the end.

What we’ve done is gather and prepared these clips exclusively for you. Sure you can find random guys jerking off in front of a camera elsewhere, but here you consistently get fit & hung guys delivered to you in a format that won’t keep you up all night.

WankerCam is also discreet. The shows can also be delivered to you via RSS Feed, so there’s no browser history of visits to adult sites, or issues with accessing blocked sites. It’s worth the small price to pay just for the convenience - and the pleasure!

WankerCam is portable. Once you subscribe, you can access the clips on your iPhone (iPhone porn), or other smartphone web browser. You will also have access to the RSS feed which, if you choose, will automatically download the episodes as soon as they are available and sync them with your iPod, iPhone, PSP, Xbox, PlayStation, AppleTV, TiVo, and many other media centers.

Why is it so cheap? Because we believe in more affordable custom content.

Actual frame grabs from WankerCam videos. Click on an image below to get a closer look.

Watch the WankerCam Demo Show! Can’t See It? Try Here

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  1. BulletOption 1 $3.99/month via Master Card, Discover, JCB with recurring billing. You can discontinue your subscription at anytime.

  1. BulletOption 2  $3.99/month via bank cheque with recurring debit. You can discontinue your subscription at anytime.

  1. BulletOption 4
    $34.50 for 1 year
    subscription billed once, not recurring. 60 shows, 1 show delivered each week + bonus episodes, that’s over 30 hours of video to enjoy!

  1. BulletOption 3
    3 Months for $14.95
    via US cellphone, US 900#) one time, non-recurring charge.

A WankerCam subscription costs: $3.99 per month
or LESS with a longer subscription.

With that you get 4 shows per month and one free bonus show - streaming, or delivered automatically, weekly. Plus access to hours more in the archive!  Once you subscribe, you will be sent, via email, a link and log-in info.

Payment options:

Please Note:

Transactions for Options 1,2 & 3 are processed by the very reputable ccBill.

Option 4 offers additional, and more popular credit cards, bank cheque, foreign transactions, and other options. Please allow up to 36 hours for account activation. This option is not refundable or transferable.

All options allow weekly episodes delivered to you automatically via RSS.  For more on RSS Feeds please click here.

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